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Science and Football

Where: 30 Apr 2014

Where: London Soccerdome

Training & Development Summit

Where: 23 Jun 2014 to 24 Jun 2014

Where: Whittlebury Hall Hotel & Spa, Northamptonshire

Charity Retail Conference

Where: 30 Jun 2014 to 1 Jul 2014

Where: Stand 9, Keele Conference Park, Staffordshire

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"No Guarantees" in Football says Fabrice Muamba

Former Bolton Wanderers midfielder explains the importance of having a plan B for when kicking a ball isn't enough.

The complex world of trains, cranes and drains

Professor Chris Ivory is shining a light on the complex world of modern big business in a new book which examines how manufacturers have shifted from providing traditional products to a more complex array of services.

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